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Working with youth

The award of the LIFE Nature project enabled a closer co-operation with schools and kindergartens in the area of the Notranjska Regional Park and wider surrounding area. The educational activities are aimed at arousing the interest of the youth in nature and its conservation.

Photo: Hike to Slivnica

The youth's deficient knowledge of natural heritage and advantages of preserved nature can have a very negative impact on their attitudes to nature and its conservation. In the framework of the LIFE Nature project we strive to acquaint the youth with the nature conservation through various educational activities. Our goal is to promote their active and responsible attitude toward nature and to help teachers introduce education for nature protection in schools and kindergartens.

Working with youth comprises both teaching and exploring natural heritage of Lake Cerknica and its wider surroundings. For the local schools and kindergartens we conduct various educational activities, such as lectures, workshops, natural science days, guided bird watching, prize contests, etc. In the summer we organise a research camp for students and pupils that proved to be the most enthusiastic young nature protectionists.

Photo: Voice riddle

In conjunction with teachers we prepare various educational materials. We believe that co-operation with teachers is of high importance, since the teachers have the ability to make teaching content interesting and educational.

In the scope of the LIFE Nature project we declared the park's school and kindergarten network on 24 May 2007, the European Park Day, and officially announced our plans to co-operate with nine local schools and kindergartens.

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