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Research camp "Rakov Škocjan 2008"

Between 28th June and 4th July 2008, Notranjska regional park organized second research camp for primary and secondary school pupils within the project LIFE 06 NAT/SLO/000069 Intermittent Cerknica Lake. Participants were aged between 14 and 16 years and were staying in Rakov Škocjan. Field work was taking place in the area of Cerknica lake in five different work groups.

Participants were searching places where threatened plants grow (two groups), performing chemical and biological analyses of water in streams of Cerknica lake, searching for medicinal and edible herbs and researching Cerknica lake through the camera objective.

In the evenings there were taking place lectures of different experts about Notranjska regional park and the project LIFE, great carnivores (wolf, lynx, bear), moth-butterflies and photography.

There was also time for having fun and making new acquaintances within different sport and funny games, naturalistic and creative workshops and group trips as well.
Participants have made final reports of their research work which they presented to their parents and invited guests on the last day of the camp

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Photo: Participants of the research camp "Rakov Škocjan 2008".
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