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European Commission visited Notranjska Regional Park

On 12th September 2008 Notranjska Regional park got a visit from members of the European Commission for the project LIFE06/NAT/SI/000069 "Intermittent Lake Cerknica", which is being performed for a good year and a half now.
The visit was attended by all employees of the park and representatives from all project partners (Ministry for the environment and spatial planning, Engineering for waters, Biotechnical faculty and Municipality of Cerknica).
The director of the Notranjska regional park, Mr. Valentin Schein, first presented the park and then the project manager, Ms. Irena Likar, presented a report of the progress on the project LIFE06/NAT/SI/000069 "Intermittent Lake Cerknica". Members of the European Commission checked the documentation, keeping accounts, executing of land purchasing and performing of larger purchases. They found out that Notranjska regional park correctly performs all activities and actions of the project LIFE. After the presentation of the project, they were taken on some parts of the project area, on which certain actions of the project are being performed. Members of European Commission were very satisfied with the work of the park and were very eagered on the beauty of the nature of the Notranjska Regional Park and Lake Cerknica.

Photo: Members of the European Commission.
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