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Notranjska Regional Park's research camp: "Rakov Škocjan 2009"

In this year's Summer Notranjska Regional Park is organizing a research camp for the third time in the project LIFE duration. 10-days research camp for pupils aged from 15 to 18 years will be taking place in Rakov Škocjan between 3th and 12th July 2009.

We will invite also students from secondary school "Vladimir Nazor" from Čabar in Croatia, to participate this year's camp. Both areas, the area of intermittent Lake Cerknica and the area of Prezid karst polje, are linked together with river Ljubljanica, the river of seven different names. It springs as stream Trbuhovica on Prezidsko polje in Croatia. One of the seven parts of the river Ljubljanica is also Stržen, which flows across the Cerkniško polje.

Participants of the camp will research the area of the world-famous intermittent Lake Cerknica within six different working groups. The main goal of the research camp is to raise the participants' awareness of the importance of the Lake Cerknica for many threatened plant and animal species and the meaning of protecting it.

More about the research camp…

Photo: Working team
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