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Research camp "Rakov Škocjan 2009"

Notranjska Regional Park organized third research camp within the project LIFE 06/NAT/SLO/000069 Intermittent Cerknica Lake. The camp took place between 3rd and 12th July 2009 in Rakov Škocjan. The participants came from Cerknica, Begunje, Stari trg, Bloke, Ljubljana, Izola, Celje and also from Čabar (Croatia) and were aged between 14 and 17 years.

The main purpose of the camp was to research the area of Lake Cerknica from different natural aspects and to approach its nature as closely as it is possible to the participants of the camp.

Field work was taking place in the area of Lake Cerknica and its surroundings in six different work groups in which participants were analyzing water, sampling plant species in different plant communities, estimating air pollution, making an inventory of natural and cultural heritage, searching for edible and medicinal herbs and learning about taking photos in nature.

You can read more about the camp here...

Photo: Research camp "Rakov Škocjan 2009"
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