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Renaturation of watercourses of the Lake Cerknica

One of the most important actions in the project LIFE 06/NAT/SI/000069 Intermittent Lake Cerknica is also the renaturation of two watercourses that were regulated in the past to drain the lake. The pilot renaturation within this project will be implemented on Goriški Brežiček and Tresenc, but in the next years also other watercourses of Lake Cerknica are going to be renaturated. The project partner, Inženiring za vode d.o.o. has prepared the project documentation and Notranjska Regional Park has prepared The action plan of renaturation of watercourses of the Lake Cerknica.

The renaturation of Goriški Brežiček and Tresenc will start as soon as the water level of the Lake will be low enough.

Photo: Renaturation of watercourses of the Lake Cerknica
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