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Pilot renaturation of Goriški Brežiček and Tresenec

In August 2009 Notranjska Regional Park started with the pilot renaturation of two streams of the Lake Cerknica, which were regulated in the past. The pilot renaturation of Goriški Brežiček and Tresenec is one of the most important goals within the project LIFE06/NAT/SI/000069 "Intermittent Lake Cerknica". Both streams were regulated in the first half of the 20th century, together with some other draining interventions with the intention to drain the area of Lake Cerknica to get agricultural land. Beside Goriški Brežiček and Tresenec, streams Stržen, Žerovniščica and Lipsenjščica were regulated too.

In the scope of the project LIFE06/NAT/SI/000069 "Intermittent Lake Cerknica", Notranjska Regional Park has collected all necessary documentation and prepared action plan of renaturation of all watercourses of the Lake Cerknica, that were regulated in the past.

As this summer was quite dry and the level of groundwater was low, Notranjska Regional Park successfully carried out the pilot renaturation of Goriški Brežiček and Tresenec, which was planned within the project LIFE. It was planned to renaturate 500 m of each riverbed, but since the conditions were really good, the renaturation was done on 700 m of Goriški Brežiček and 650 m of Tresenec.

You can read more about the renaturation in Slovenian language here

Photo: Renaturation of Goriški Brežiček
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