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Worksheets and manuals

Notranjska Regional Park prepared some worksheets for schoolchildren and manuals for teachers on 5 different subjects. With help of worksheets, schoolchildren can learn or consolidate some learning material from the Teaching plan for Elementary schools. Manuals for teachers that are enclosed to the worksheets help teachers to perform the suggested activities. In the scope of suggested research days or workshops, schoolchildren can learn about food chains and webs, meadows, hedges, biodiversity and dinaric region.

You can see and print worksheets and manuals from this page…

Some additional learning materials that were performed in the scope of project LIFE06/NAT/SI/000069 Intermittent Lake Cerknica are also available on the Slovenian website of the project LIFE. You can find some educational teksts and photographies from these four different themes: The legend of miserable love story, Plants of the area of Lake Cerknica, Ljubljanica, the river of seven different names and Hedges in the area of Lake Cerknica.

You can see and print these learning materials from this page…

Photo: First page of the worksheet "Food webs of the Lake Cerknica"
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