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Monitoring of the project LIFE 06 "Intermittent Lake Cerknica"

Notranjska Regional Park got a visit of Dr. Mitja Kaligarič, the monitor of LIFE Nature's projects and mag. Julijana Lebez Lozej from The Ministry of Environment and Spatial planning on 21st October 2009.

They wanted to check and to evaluate the progress on the realization of the actions within the project LIFE06/NAT/SI/000069 "Intermittent Lake Cerknica", which ends in this year's December. The project manager, Tanja Vasilevska, presented all actions in the scope of the project and the realization of them. After the presentation of the work that has been done within the project, guests were taken to see the restorated ancient meanders of Goriški Brežiček and Tresenec and the area of Retje where the mulching of shrubs was carried out. Dr. Mitja Kaligarič and mag. Julijana Lebez Lozej estimated that the project's activities go on in accordance with schedule.

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