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Mobile photo exhibition

The photo exhibition "Lake Cerknica – The mirror of the world" is on display at the Hotel Rakov Škocjan from 3rd to 11th December 2009.

You're kindly welcome to come and see the exhibition!

Notranjska Regional Park has prepared a mobile photo exhibition in the scope of the project LIFE06/NAT/SI/000069 "Intermittent Lake Cerknica" about the Lake Cerknica and the project LIFE. There are presented 84 photos of Lake Cerknica with accompanying texts, describing the project. The main purpose of the project is to suppress three main threats to the nature of Lake Cerknica, which are: interventions in the watercourses for faster outflow of water from Lake Cerknica in the past, the abandonment of mowing and the deficient knowledge of nature and nature conservation at Lake Cerknica.

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